As per notice given by CBSE, the school has changed its existing CCE pattern of evaluation. New system of evaluation is followed in the school for every class from the session 2017-18. Details follows (If possible link can be given)

Scholastic Area
1. Nursery, LKG,UKG : (Only grade will be awarded) 4nos. of evaluation to test the students progress in learning (Months June/September/Nov-Dec/
2. Classes I to VIII (Both marks and Grades will be awarded) The assessment structure and examination comprises of two terms

Term I & Term II Period Test (10%)
Note book submission (5%)
Subject Enrichment Activities (5%)
Half yearly (TermI) & Yearly Exam (TermI3. Class IX & X (Both marks I) (80%)
3. Class IX & X : (Botj mark & Grade will be Awarded)
The Examination structure for classes IX &X will be as follows :INTERNAL ASSESSMENT 20marks
Per mid Term (June) 40marks
Mid Term (September) 80marks
Post Mid Term (Nov-Dec) 40 marks
a. 10% of Best marks scored in 2 tests out of the 3 tests (after calculating average)
b. 5% from Subject Enrichment activities
c. 5% from Notebook submission


Class XI (Science, Commerce,Humanities)
1st Term (September) 50marks
Half Yearly (November) 100 marks
2nd Term (January) 50marks
Annual (Feb-March) 100marks

Weightage 20% of 1st & 2nd Term
30% of Half Yearly
50% of Annual

Class XII (Science.Commerce,Humanities)
1st Term (June) 50 marks
Half Yearly (September) 100 marks
1st Pre Board(Nov-Dec) 100 marks
2nd Pre Board (Jan) 100 marks
Board Examination (March - April) 100 marks

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